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5 key points for moms regarding child custody schedules

Vacations and fun activities abound when your children are still young enough to enjoy doing things. Mothers who have child custody orders governing how their children spend their time must ensure that plans fall in line with the orders. The key here is to plan ahead for all vacations and special events.

4 things that can prevent divorcing parents from moving on

When you and your spouse got divorced, you probably said that you wanted to move on. Maybe you smiled and said it to your parents or maybe you shook your head and said it over a drink with your friends. You knew it was crucial for you to move forward and that's what you wanted.

What do kids need from parents during divorce?

The divorce process is a highly emotional time. When children are involved, the emotion meter escalates tenfold, with parents left wondering how to meet both their own needs and those of their children. And, regardless of their age, children contemplate whether they played a role in the divorce and often feel the need to choose one parent over the other.

4 summer planning tips for divorced parents

For many parents, the summer months are ideal for spending quality time with their kids. If work permits, it's often the best time for the family to take a trip. For divorced or separated parents, though, it can sometimes turn out to be a stressful time for both the co-parents and the children. Fortunately, there are steps both adults can take to minimize frustration and conflict and to ensure a great summer for everyone.

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