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Struggling with the divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Divorce

It becomes evident that marriage is not working out for some spouses. Irreconcilable differences could drive a wedge between the two partners, making divorce unavoidable. Others may seek dissolution in a California family law court because one partner is abusive. No matter what prompts spouses to file for divorce, both parties must prepare themselves for the challenging immediate aftermath of the decision.

Taking steps to deal with the decision

The decision to divorce could prove incredibly stressful, so a spouse might need to spend time focusing on health and wellness. Parents may take further steps to ensure their children are coping well.

Seeking support and assistance may be wise, but friends and family might not offer the best opinions. A professional therapist may offer better resources for divorcing individuals to cope with the stress.

Financial considerations and divorce

Financial concerns may weigh heavily on the mind, which is why a spouse might seek alimony. Spousal support is not about avoiding work but serves as a way to better transition to newly single life without suffering the shock of living on a budget far reduced from the one during the marriage. Other financial matters could become necessary to negotiate during a divorce, such as dividing debts and retirement assets.

Allowing divorce negotiations to reach an impasse won’t likely help either spouse. While both parties could reasonably seek what they deserve, one or both spouses might become insistent on a particular outcome. Although the process does not lead to a binding agreement, mediation might provide a solution.

A divorce trial might be necessary if the parties can’t come to terms through mediation. That could be a costly and time-consuming option, so spouses should at least attempt to negotiate on their own first.