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Shared parenting provides benefits for everyone involved

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

Trying to raise your children after you divorce their other parent is a challenging situation. Not only do you have to figure out how to navigate through the child custody agreement terms, you also have to determine how you can build a meaningful relationship with the child in less time than you had before.

Many parents opt for a shared parenting model, which means that each parent spends approximately the same time with the children. This enables the children to reap benefits, and it also helps both parents.

Finding the balance

Finding the best way to balance the time between parents can be a challenge, especially in the early days of the divorce. You have to think about the child’s schedule but you also need to think about your work schedule so you know that you can spend time with your children when they’re with you.

When you use a shared parenting model, you also have the option of taking care of many tasks when your child is with their other parent. This enables you to maximize the time you spend with your kids because things like doctor visits and other appointments for you might be able to be scheduled when they aren’t with you.

Consistent decision-making

Your children can benefit from having two parents who are working together to raise them. By keeping things like values, rules and consequences the same across both homes, your children won’t have to try to remember what’s what at which home.

You and your ex also benefit from the consistency because it reduces the number of misunderstandings you might have. The decisions are made up front so you don’t have to guess what needs to be done. You’ll already have a plan set for many facets of the child’s life.

Building your own life

The time that you don’t have your children with you is an opportunity to work on your career or personal life. The parenting time schedule enables you and your ex to know when you’ll be free so you can plan those days accordingly. This is also a chance for you to just relax and reset before your kids come back to your house.

As always, the best interests of the children are the top priority when you’re working out plans. Try not to let the differences you have with your ex dictate what happens with the kids.