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California divorce for the sake of your children

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

According to the Divorced Parents Club website, 40% of couples avoid divorce for the sake of their children – even if the marriage is unhappy. The website also states 28 percent of Americans believe couples should not divorce if they have children. California divorce is often considered detrimental to children, but in some cases, parents have a reason to divorce for the sake of their children.

The household is toxic

The San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital states that children exposed to toxic environments often develop anxiety disorders. This is often the result of feeling unsafe, worried or depressed. Married couples who are unhappy and want to divorce can create a toxic environment for the family. Divorce is possibly worth considering if the marriage creates a dangerous and unhealthy home for the children.

Decreased parenting skills

Dealing with a bad marriage takes an emotional toll on the family. If you and your spouse are unhappy with each other, this can affect your ability to act as parents. Raising children requires cooperation and mutual respect, but that’s not easy when parents are feuding. When parents aren’t struggling to remain together, they both can do what’s best for their children.

Setting a bad example

Witnessing a marriage that has constant turmoil and conflict has a negative effect on children. Not only can this cause children to think a toxic marriage is normal, but it can also hurt their future relationships. Getting a divorce can set a better example by showing children that an unhealthy marriage isn’t desirable.

Most couples put a lot of time and effort into their decision to divorce. They might seek marriage counseling or attend therapy to work on personal problems. And unless there’s violence or sexual abuse in the household, couples might decide their marriage is worth saving. However, some parents realize that getting divorced is actually in the best interest of their children.