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Dividing Community and Separate Property in California

One complicated issue you and your spouse may face is the division of your assets and marital property. Whether you have significant assets, debts, were only married a year, or had a 25 year marriage, it is important to know your rights and to protect your financial interests at the time of divorce. What we offer is strategic support for your needs as a client. Our goal is to help protect your assets.

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Division of Assets and Debt

In California, there are three steps to dividing marital property after divorce:

(1) The property must be characterized as separate property or community property.

(2) Depending on the type of property, it must be valued.

(3) Property identified as community property will be equally divided.

Protect Your Marital Property Interests

We do not want you to walk away from divorce with less than the proper share of what is yours. Our representation involves helping to identify and characterize your property, seek out hidden assets, and ensure that you collect that to which you are entitled during divorce.

As attorneys that handle these kinds of matters on a daily basis, we know how to resolve cases that involve significant assets. Your marital property may include retirement accounts, savings accounts, stocks and bonds, business assets, residences, rental properties and vehicles. Our approach is strategic – meaning that while we focus on resolving your case through settlement, we are prepared to take your case to trial.

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