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When children are born out of wedlock, questions can arise: Who is the biological father? Who has the right to child custody and visitation? Who has the obligation to pay child support — not to mention medical expenses and other expenses? These can be emotional and complex questions to answer. At the Law Office of Michael L. Seidman, we have more than 35 years of experience helping people get answers and resolving all related matters in as stress-free, efficient and effective a manner as possible.

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Step One: DNA Testing

The first step is to use DNA testing to establish beyond any doubt the father of the child. While this step can be skipped if the father agrees to sign the proper paperwork verifying paternity, this step is encouraged to prevent any future questions. This is an extremely simple test that is routinely performed at labs throughout the country. It basically involves a quick swab of the mouth to get a sample. Results are returned surprisingly quickly, and they are very accurate.

Parentage Actions and All Related Matters

After establishing paternity through what is referred to as a parentage action, the truly complex aspects of paternity cases begin. These include establishing child custody and visitation arrangements, as well as child support payments.

Our lawyers will work with you to find out what your situation is and learn about your goals. You can expect honest feedback from us about your options and the potential outcomes. That includes the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. Of course, we will put our knowledge to work to reach a solution that is in your best interests and meets not only your immediate goals, but your long-term needs as well.

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