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Uncovering Hidden Assets In A Divorce

A property settlement is only as good as the information available for crafting it. To truly be fair and equitable, all marital assets must be considered. Unfortunately, some spouses are very good at hiding assets in order to enrich themselves at the expense of their families.

How can you make sure hidden assets are not a factor in your divorce? The first thing you should do is make sure you have an experienced family law attorney looking out for your interests. In the Bakersfield area, you can turn to the Law Office of Michael L. Seidman.

Proven Attorneys For Your Property Issues

We have been helping people in Kern County and surrounding areas of California tackle the intricacies of divorce for more than 35 years, proving our worth to people with estates of all sizes. Whether you have been married for a short time or have accumulated significant assets, you can rely on us to protect your property rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

We Are Not Alone

Dividing the assets of a complex marital estate in divorce can quickly become a job for more than one professional to handle. This is no problem. We work closely with experts such as forensic accountants and tax preparers to make sure all assets are accounted for and to ensure the final settlement will not represent a burden at tax time.

You Have Too Much At Stake To Handle This Yourself

When it comes to marital asset division, you don’t know what you don’t know. Let our experienced lawyers take care of this so you can move on. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.